Basic principles
OLOCOUNSELING code of conduct, as it is provided for in the Social Statute of OLOCOUNSELING, in accordance with article 2 law 4/2013, aims to specify the Practitioner ethics stating the deontological principles that the Holistic Counselor and Holistic Practitioner must abide by, while practicing the “non-organised profession” defined in article 1 law 4/2013 and while adopting a holistic model in his/her main job and in life (article 4 Statute).
The Code of conduct is adopted in accordance with article 2 law 4/2014 in accordance with article 27-bis of the consumer Code, of which the legislative decree 6 September 2005, n. 206. The code of conduct is published, in both Italian and English, on the website of the Association OLOCOUNSELING.
The Code of conduct aims to guarantee the protection of the underage and the safekeeping of human dignity.
The Code of conduct and the internal regulation are integral parts of the Statute, the provisions of the Statute are fully referenced here (article 4 Statute).
The Code of conduct is a tool for the safeguard and transparency of the Professional Association OLOCOUNSELING.
The Code of conduct OLOCOUNSELING provides PRINCIPLES which the Holistic Counselor or Holistic Practitioner must align with while practicing the profession defined in article 1 law 4/2013 and in the Statute, in addition to the rules of behavior he/she must abide to in general.
The rules of the Code of conduct are binding for all the members of the association, in accordance with article 10 Statute, and abiding by these rules is an unavoidable duty for every member. In accordance with article 11 statute, the severe failure to comply with the regulations of the Code of Conduct may be considered as a reason for the expulsion from the Association, with the resulting loss of the title of associate.
All the members are required to act with decency, dignity and to practice the profession correctly, therefore any action in contrast with these standards entails the dismissal from the Association, according to the provisions of the Statute and the internal regulation of OLOCOUNSELING.
The failure to comply to the set of rules entails the implementation of sanctions. At the end of the disciplinary procedure these sanctions will be imposed following the principle of adequacy, and proportionately to the severity of the actions or omissions carried out.
The resignation from the association do not interrupt the disciplinary procedure, which must be conducted and concluded.


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